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Our onshore and offshore projects in rope access services


Inspection of offshore jackets

Our client contracted Future Services to identify the damages to the coating system on the jackets of its offshore wind farm. These damages needed to be classified according to severity, size and location and were situated on the topside and in the splash zone of the jacket.


Cleaning of silo using rope access techniques

For this project, Future Services was asked to clean silos of a food company. After a thorough analysis Rope Access proved the most economical and efficient solution the execute the cleaning. Scaffolding would have been more expensive and the set-up time would have led to long down times for the silo’s. Also aerial platforms or cherry pickers did not provide a feasible solution due to the surface inside the silo. 


Bolting campaign in confined space

A leaking seal on an offshore wind turbine was observed by our client. As a first step, Future Services inspectors were deployed to investigate the leakage and report possible causes to our client.


Coating repair campaign during installation

The scope of Future Services was to repair the damages, caused during the installation phase of this offshore wind farm. It was important for our client that a punch list was finished and all additional damages were repaired and documented.


Coating repairs during O&M campaign

For a long term partner, Future Services takes care of the yearly maintenance on the coating system of the monopile foundations (MP) and Transition Pieces (TP) of their Belgian offshore wind farms.

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