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Future Services Oostende - Mechanical works

Future Services is your go-to partner for mechanical works at all works at height.

We offer a wide variety of mechanical works such as: bolting, installation, assembly, cleaning, maintenance and many more.

At height, at sea or within confined spaces, Future Services will get the job done in a safeefficient and economical manner.

Every time we execute a scope of work, safety will always be the top priority. Careful planning and a thorough risk assessment will allow our certified technicians to execute the works in a safe manner.

Specific activities for mechanical work:

  • Confined space
  • Bolting 
  • Assembly / disassembly 
  • Cleaning
  • Work on or inside silo’s and tanks 
  • Work with aerial platforms 

Depending on the parameters of your specific painting project, Rope Access techniques can be used.

Why Rope Access could be a good technique for your project:

  • Safe way of working, due to IRATA certified technicians
  • Efficient technique to access difficult to reach locations
  • Minimizing the amount of exposure hours at height
  • Time and cost saving
  • Minimal interference with other works and surroundings 

Rope access can be a solution when the location is not easily accessible with scaffolding or aerial platforms. 

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Future Services Oostende - Rope Access in hard to reach locations
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