General conditions

General Conditions – Sale conditions 

A-1. The client will receive from Future Services Int Bvba an offer without engagement. This offer without engagement will form the basis of our intervention.

Art. A-2. All amounts mentioned in the offer are in EURO (€) and always without VAT.

Art. A-3. The offer is valid for 15 days (continuous), unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the offer.

Art. A-5. Future Services Int bvba will only start its interventions after receipt of a signed offer by the client or a signed order by the client in which the client explicitly agrees with and refers to the offer received from Future Services Int bvba.

Art. A-6. All interventions of Future Services Int bvba are subject to the general service conditions (see below).

Art. A-7. Future Services Int bvba will at the start of the intervention invoice an advance payment of minimum 25% of the total, unless otherwise specified. Subsequently, Future Services Int bvba will invoice monthly the interventions as they are executed, unless otherwise specified. In case of interventions in the form of expertise a provisional sum will be invoiced which will be determined by the estimated extent of the entire expertise. Payment of this provisional sum is required before any expert interventions will be started. Surplus or deficit will be arranged by credit note or additional invoicing of provisional sums.

Art. A-8. All invoices by Future Services Int bvba are to be paid via bank transfer, without discount, at the latest 30 days following the invoice date.

Art. A-9. In case of breach of contract by the client the client will owe Future Services Int bvba a onetime compensation for loss of minimum 15% of the invoice amount of the outstanding interventions.

Art. A-10. If the invoice remains unpaid on the expiry date, Future Services Int bvba shall send the client a reminder. This shall incur a reminder charge of EUR 25.00 and late payment interest equal to the legal interest rate per annum, for the disruption caused to the normal running of the business.

Art. A-11. Future Services Int bvba retains the right to stop the intervention, without any responsibility, if the client fails to fulfill his obligations towards Future Services Int bvba. All interventions by Future Services Int bvba become void if the client fails to fulfill his obligations toward Future Services Int bvba.

Art. A-12. Client commits himself to NOT hiring any Future Services Int bvba staff or personnel hired through Future Services Int bvba within a period of minimum 12 months after the latest service provided. Violation of this shall result in a penalty-clause equal to 120 days daily rate.

Art. A-13. The general sales conditions are valid for all orders placed with Future Services Int bvba. The client accepts them unconditionally and declares his own conditions as void.

Art. A-14. Complaints will be sent to Future Services Int bvba by way of a registered letter. This registered letter will arrive at Future Services Int bvba no later than 8 days following the incident that leads to the complaint.

Art. A-15. Disputes between Future Services Int bvba and client will always be settled out-of-court. In absence of such an out-of-court settlement the dispute will be submitted to the courts that are territorial authorized for the seat of Future Services Int BVBA.

Art. A-16. All interventions will be governed by Belgian law only.

General Conditions – Service conditions 

Art. B-1. The client will present Future Services Int bvba with all information needed for a good execution of the described works.

Art. B-2. The client will provide safe and secure access to the location of intervention which will also allow to provide the services without any problems.

Art. B-3. Future Services Int bvba does not operate equipment such as cranes, elevators, cherry pickers, ... (not limited). The client shall always provide a qualified operator (at his own expense) and equipment that conforms to all the applicable regulatory safety requirement (inspections, ...).

Art. B-5. All reporting will be drafted in the language of this quotation. The translation of any reports already drafted / transmitted will automatically induce translation costs.

Art. B-6. The original report is sent in electronic format (PDF) via e-mail to the Client and all parties he has agreed that can receive copy of the reports. The original report distinguishes itself from the cop(y)(ies) by way of the signature of the author. Only the original & complete report is legally binding.

Art. B-11. Future Services Int bvba only assumes responsibility towards its client for damage suffered by him and only if the client delivers irrefutable prove that the damage is a direct consequence of gross negligence by Future Services Int bvba. The client will safeguard Future Services Int bvba against claims by third parties.

Art. B-12. The client is and remains completely responsible for the selection of the products / systems and the qualitative execution of the works. At no time what so ever does Future Services Int bvba take over this responsibility, neither partially nor completely.

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Partner in offshore rope access, inspections and coating - Future Services Oostende
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