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Cleaning of silo for food company using Rope Access techniques (Belgium)


  • Cleaning of silo in the food industry
  • Use of Rope Access according to the IRATA principles as a more cost-efficient alternative to scaffolding and aerial platforms.
  • Efficiency of the essence to limit downtime of silo 

For this project, Future Services was asked to clean silos of a food company. After a thorough analysis Rope Access proved the most economical and efficient solution to execute the cleaning. Scaffolding would have been more expensive and the set-up time would have led to long down times for the silos. Also aerial platforms or cherry pickers did not provide a feasible solution due to the surface inside the silo. 

To guarantee the safe execution of the works, Future Services always works with Rope Access according to the IRATA principles in combination with well trained personnel. The preparation includes an extensive risk assessment and clear communication with the client on the plan of action.

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