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Bolting campaign in confined space (Belgium)


  • Bolting campaign including torquing and retorquing
  • Work in confined space supervised by safety watches of Future Services
  • Rope Access principles used to install an efficient rescue system for the confined space

A leaking seal on an offshore wind turbine was observed by our client. As a first step, Future Services inspectors were deployed to investigate the leakage and report possible causes to our client.

Based on the inspection reports, a plan to remedy the situation was made. Again Future Services was contracted to execute this scope. In close cooperation between Future Services and the client a plan of action was made.

To rectify the leakage a seal needed to be re-installed on 51 locations. To this end, the seal needed to be opened up, cleaned and bolted down again to the right specifications. A retorqueing of the bolts was to take place 7 days later. If coating damages were discovered during the operation, these needed to be repaired as well.

Because this seal was located in a confined space, extra safety measurements needed to be taken. Safety guards from Future Services stood watch at the entry of the confined space with all the necessary rescue and safety materials (e.g. breathing apparatus). The qualifications of the Future Services team allowed a safe and efficient rescue system based on IRATA Rope Access techniques to be rigged up.

Since our technicians had to gain access to the confined space anyway, our client asked us to perform some additional mechanical works there. Future Services gladly accommodated this variation.

Furthermore, as new information came up during the campaign, several changes were made to the plan of action and wishes of our client. We pride ourselves on being able to change quickly to changing situations with our solution-oriented approach. This flexibility allowed us to deliver a good result for our client on this project.

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